The Leading Artificial Intelligent DIY Chatbot Management Platform, tailor made for the aviation industry

  • Enhance passengers' experience on their favorited social channels
  • Position your company as digital innovator and passenger‘s centric services provider

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AIRMessenger Chatbot Management Platform can customize and manage in the simplest way the passenger’s digital journey and the communication flows to provide improved experience across their favorite social media channels: Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Viber.


To better understand how exactly AIRMessenger works, let’s take a look what passengers receive as experience just by the tap of their finger, while chatting with the bot and receive real-time updates around the clock, like a personal assistant: info regarding the flight of interest, retail and F&B offers, timetables, airport parking services, baggage status, dining and shopping options etc.

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ChatBot Management Platform (CMP)

With AIRMessenger, airports/airlines can create and implement a personalized user interface in real time. Your tailor made chatbot will help you save time and money.
The first DIY platform to launch and manage your FB Messenger, VIBER and Twitter chatbots!

Rapidly design & deploy your own passengers’ journey based on your business & strategic objectives.
  • No need of programming effort & costly update procedures
  • No need for extra mobile app for each brand or service
  • Create and manage engaging dialogs with passengers
  • Easily update customer journey and content via the AIRMessenger CMP panel
  • Automated, up-to-date and trustworthy service for your passengers, available 24/7

Easy Content Creation & Management

FB, Viber & Twitter

Real-time Synchronization between channels & platform

Templates are displayed in the CMP panel

Easy asset and content management on the channels via common repository

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Easy Passenger Flow Management

Flow Customization via Drag & Drop procedure

Ability to manage & link different templates

Quick & easy navigation

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Migrate from a social fan-page to a social interactive-page

The platform supports Natural Language Processing (NLP) module for customizing the free texting interactions

The customer can also navigate through the Bot, either by selecting the buttons provided by menu or by typing keywords in the appropriate field


Raise your revenue with a new conversational commerce channel

Real time targeted marketing and notifications

Enhance awareness and brand loyalty

Position your company as "innovator"

Unlimited number of customers simultaneously served

No delays and "hold on the time"

Be a market Innovator, gain competitive advantage

Enhance your customer's experience and satisfaction

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MPASS Leading Chatbot Management Solutions

We are committed helping our partners reach their goals, personalizing their services and making a difference.

Our strong sense of identification with projects means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions even for the most complicated task. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to technology techniques. We ensure the best value is obtained from our partners’ budget.

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MPASS is developing innovative solutions for the broad digital space with its own sophisticated platforms since 2009, aiming in customers’ long-lasting engagement and loyalty with brands, which generate increased customer lifecycle and profitability and also higher revenue volumes for our clients. MPASS foundations are its people with extended commercial experience for addressing the most recent market trends and needs and also in-depth technical know-how. MPASS team through its passion for innovation and best customer experience are dedicated to design and deliver in-house tailor-made solutions, with focus on our customers’ individual needs.

The Success Story 
1st Facebook Chatbot globally!
The ATHmessenger, received the Gold Award as the first Chatbot application internationally on 2017.
Available on FB, Viber & Twitter!

  • Easy and time efficient implementation with drag and drop, and the chatbot can be ready in just a few days!
  • Delivers immediate and accurate travel info
  • Notifies immediately for flight status updates and alerts
  • Promotes discounts on shops, brands, gifts, F&Bs
  • Provide information regarding transportation, parking & weather forecast
  • Receive notifications and announcements from AIA
  • Support satisfaction surveys

Check the ATHMessenger here:


We’re offering exceptional services with refreshed, reinvigorated titles.
We work with you scholarly to understand your specific needs, figure out adaptations and reach your business goals. We offer:

Consulting on Customer Journeys on Social Apps
CMP platform as a Service to enhance passengers’ experience & satisfaction on social media apps
NLP and Dialog Customization Module
Campaign Management Module as a Service
Customized Statistics, Analytics & Reports
Maintenance, Updates and Technical Support via SLA
Integration with Enterprise CMS, CRM/Loyalty, Billing, MIS, HRMS
GDPR Compliance Platform and front-end Consulting
Project & Management Consulting


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